BlockFi Granted Court Permission to Pay $10M in Employee Bonuses

• BlockFi has been granted court permission to pay nearly $10 million in staff bonuses.
• The program will see BlockFi pay up to $9.98 million to a few remaining employees in two tiers of payment.
• BlockFi has approximately 125 employees and the firm must complete the last of the three payouts within 12 months of court approval.

Crypto lending firm BlockFi has recently been granted court permission to pay nearly $10 million in staff bonuses. The filing does not use the word „bonus“ itself, instead referring to an employee retention program which will see BlockFi pay up to $9.98 million to a few remaining employees.

The employee retention program is split into two tiers of payment. The first tier will pay employees 42.5% of their base salary amount and the second tier will pay employees 9% of their base salary amount. This program will be administered in three installments. BlockFi must complete the last of the three payouts within 12 months of court approval, should it choose to proceed with the retention plan.

Though BlockFi is not required to pay all or any of its employees, the firm currently retains approximately 125 employees. This is according to recent reports. BlockFi initially justified its request by stating that its employees would likely be hired elsewhere due to the aggressive competition in the crypto lending space.

Statements from BlockFi’s legal representation suggest that the firm’s employees play a critical role in returning value to its customers and creditors. The court filing did not state how many employees are eligible for the bonus, however it is expected that the employee retention program will be beneficial for those involved.

This news comes at a time when BlockFi is facing bankruptcy. Despite its current financial situation, the firm has been granted court permission to pay its staff the bonuses. It will be interesting to see how the employee retention program plays out, and how it ultimately affects BlockFi’s customers and creditors.

Azuki Crypto Project Hacked, $343,000 Stolen by Malicious Players

• Azuki’s Twitter account was compromised by hackers who posted malicious links promoting a fake virtual land mint.
• Several blockchain security firms and crypto wallets blocked their users‘ access to the phishing link.
• Etherscan data showed that one of the wallets held 214 ETH ($343,000) as of press time.

On January 27th, Azuki, a bluechip NFT project, announced that their official Twitter account had been compromised by malicious players. The hackers posted two tweets with malicious links, promoting a fake virtual land mint. As soon as the breach was discovered, several project officials urged the community not to click any link, and a community manager Rose tweeted that there was still a fake website on Azuki’s Twitter bio as of press time.

In response to the breach, several blockchain security firms and crypto wallets took action to protect their users. For example, Wallet Guard and crypto wallets like MetaMask and Phantom Wallet blocked their users‘ access to the phishing link. In addition, The Block’s research director Steven Zheng tweeted that wallets connected to the hacker did not have a single stolen Azuki.

To add to the precarious situation, Etherscan data shows that one of the wallets held 214 ETH ($343,000) as of press time. This is not the first time a major crypto project has been hacked in recent months. Earlier this week, Robinhood confirmed that its several social media accounts were used to promote an unassociated crypto token. Additionally, Moonbirds founder Kevin Rose lost NFTs worth millions to hackers who drained his wallet.

The Azuki team is currently investigating the breach and is taking steps to secure their platform. They have also asked their community to remain vigilant and to be wary of any malicious links or activities. As the world of blockchain and digital assets continues to grow, it is important to take steps to ensure that all assets are kept secure.

Understanding the Tax Implications of Investing in Bitcoin Futures

One of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has emerged over the past ten years as a new type of digital cash. A sort of derivative contract called a „Bitcoin future“ enables investors to bet on the price of Bitcoin without actually owning any of it. Purchasing Bitcoin futures has tax ramifications, just like purchasing any other financial commodity. This post will go over the tax repercussions of buying Bitcoin futures, including how earnings are taxed and what documentation is needed.

How do Bitcoin futures work?

A sort of derivative contract called a „Bitcoin future“ enables investors to bet on the price of Bitcoin without actually owning any of it. A futures broker sells the contract to the investor, who pays a premium in exchange for the right to buy or sell Bitcoin at a specified price at a later date. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Intercontinental Exchange are two of the exchanges where bitcoin futures are traded.

Tax Consequences of Buying Bitcoin Futures

The IRS considers trading in Bitcoin futures to be property rather than a form of exchange. As a result, any profits made from trading Bitcoin futures are regarded as capital gains and are taxed accordingly. The marginal tax rate of the investor determines the tax rate on capital gains.

A excellent strategy to diversify your portfolio and benefit from the potential gains in the cryptocurrency market is by investing in Bitcoin futures. Trading Bitcoin futures and taking advantage of market chances is made simple with the help of Bitcoin Motion user-friendly trading platform.

Futures contracts for bitcoin are taxed

The IRS’s classification of the contracts will determine how Bitcoin futures are treated tax-wise. Futures contracts are often categorized by the IRS as either Section 1256 contracts or Section 988 contracts. Transactions under Section 1256 are regarded as capital assets, but contracts under Section 988 are regarded as foreign exchange contracts.

Tax on Capital Gains

Trading Bitcoin futures generates profits that must be taxed as capital gains. Profits made when an investor sells a property for more than they paid for it are known as capital gains. The marginal tax rate of the investor and the period over which the asset was held determine how much tax is due on capital gains.

Short-Term Gains

Profits gained through the sale of an asset held for less than a year are referred to as short-term gains. The investor’s marginal tax rate applies to short-term gains.

Long-Term Benefits

Profits gained through the sale of an asset held for more than a year are referred to as long-term gains. Taxes on long-term profits are lower than those on short-term gains.

Taxes on Profits from Trading Bitcoin Futures

Taxation applies to the earnings made from trading Bitcoin futures. The kind of futures contract, how long the asset was held, and the investor’s marginal tax rate all affect the tax rate on gains.

Requirements for Reporting

Bitcoin futures traders must record their earnings on their tax returns. Bitcoin futures trading profits are recorded on Schedule D of Form 1040.


It might be profitable to buy in Bitcoin futures, but it’s crucial to comprehend the tax repercussions of doing so. Investors must record their winnings on their tax returns since profits from trading Bitcoin futures are subject to capital gains tax. Investors should speak with a tax expert to be sure they are in compliance with all relevant laws and rules.

¿Cómo funciona la IA de Bitcode?

Por defecto, Bitcode AI utiliza CQG (Continuum) para facilitar el enrutamiento de órdenes. Sin embargo, la ejecución de órdenes también es apoyada por Rithmic. Además, los usuarios pueden acceder a Kinetick como fuente de datos de mercado gratuita. El contenido disponible a través de Kinetick está optimizado para los usuarios de Bitcode AI y cuenta con información relativa a divisas, futuros y diferentes tipos de acciones.

¿Hay un portal para clientes?

Al entrar en su cuenta de broker de Bitcode AI, podrá acceder a las plataformas de negociación, gestionar su cuenta y contactar con el soporte si lo necesita. Además, la comunidad de desarrollo de terceros, Bitcode AI Ecosystem, también está disponible para los clientes.

Tarifas de Bitcode AI

La mayoría de las personas buscan reseñas de Bitcode AI porque quieren saber más sobre las tarifas.

En última instancia, los honorarios que usted pagará a Bitcode AI dependen del tipo de licencia que usted elija. Actualmente hay tres tipos de licencias disponibles:

  • Gratuita – sin cuota de cuenta
  • Alquiler – honorarios de Bitcode AI

Tenga en cuenta que el costo de Bitcode AI para el enrutamiento de órdenes puede variar, dependiendo de la conexión que se utiliza.

Aplicación Móvil de Bitcode AI

Bitcode AI no ofrece actualmente una aplicación móvil. Sin embargo, han declarado que podría haber una en un futuro próximo.

Servicio al Cliente de Bitcode AI

Como la mayoría de los comentarios de Bitcode AI estarán de acuerdo, el servicio al cliente ofrecido es de un alto nivel. La plataforma ofrece un soporte de emergencia 24/7, así como asistencia técnica 24/5. Puede contactar con el equipo de soporte por teléfono, correo electrónico y chat en vivo. También hay un foro de apoyo donde se puede buscar la opinión de otros usuarios.

Alternativas a Bitcode AI

Hay muchas alternativas a Bitcode AI, así que vamos a echar un vistazo a tres de sus principales competidores:

TradeStation vs Bitcode AI

Aunque TradeStation ofrece una gama más amplia de mercados que Bitcode AI, no facilita el comercio de divisas. Además, el servicio de atención al cliente de NinjaTracker suele ser mejor que el de TradeStation, lo que podría convencer a algunos usuarios de cambiar a la plataforma Bitcode AI.

También vale la pena mencionar que ambas plataformas cuentan con una amplia gama de herramientas de negociación, y sus tarifas tienen una calificación similar. Sin embargo, la aplicación móvil de TradeStation podría ser un gran atractivo para los usuarios que quieren operar sobre la marcha. Puede leer esta reseña de TradeStation para obtener más información.

Bitcode AI vs thinkorswim

Propiedad de TD Ameritrade, thinkorswim es una plataforma de comercio en línea que ofrece una variedad de mercados y cuentas, incluyendo el comercio de margen y carteras gestionadas. Sin embargo, es una plataforma bastante intrincada que se adapta mejor a los operadores experimentados. En thinkorswim se puede operar sin comisiones en los valores, incluidos los de mayor rendimiento. Sin embargo, tendrá que pagar 2,25 dólares por contrato más las tasas de cambio y de regulación en los futuros.

Bitcode AI vs MetaTrader

MetaTrader, en particular MT4, es una de las plataformas de negociación más utilizadas. ¿Pero cómo se compara con Bitcode AI?

Los corredores que utilizan MT4 o MT5 suelen cobrar comisiones de negociación más altas debido a los costes asociados a la plataforma. A pesar de esto, la amplia gama de opciones de comercio automatizado hace que sea una opción popular entre los usuarios. Del mismo modo, muchos corredores en línea que utilizan la plataforma MT4 también ofrecen una aplicación móvil, que Bitcode AI no tiene.

Was ist Dogecoin und wie kann man ihn kaufen?

Dogecoin ist eine Art von Kryptowährung, die als Parodie auf Bitcoin begann – ja, ein Witz! Heute ist sie eine der am höchsten bewerteten Kryptowährungen, auch dank eines Werbespruchs von Tesla-CEO Elon Musk, der die digitale Währung ins Bewusstsein der Menschen und dann in die Stratosphäre katapultierte.

Hier erfahren Sie, was Dogecoin ist, was sie tut, woher sie kommt und wie Sie in Dogecoin investieren können.

Was ist Dogecoin?

Dogecoin ist eine von Tausenden von Kryptowährungen, die in letzter Zeit aufgetaucht sind. Aber im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen digitalen Währungen, die geschaffen wurden, um ein Problem zu lösen, wurde Dogecoin buchstäblich geschaffen, um sich über Bitcoin und die Albernheit des Kaufs eines digitalen Vermögenswerts lustig zu machen, der nicht durch einen Vermögenswert oder Geldfluss gedeckt ist. Jetzt hat sich das Blatt gewendet und Dogecoin ist Geld wert.

Alles an den Ursprüngen der Münze deutet darauf hin, dass es sich um einen Scherz handelt:

  • Dogecoin wurde von den Software-Ingenieuren Jackson Palmer und Billy Markus im Jahr 2013 nach dem raschen Anstieg der Bitcoin-Preise entwickelt.
  • Der „Altcoin“ wurde 2013 in etwa zwei Stunden entworfen.
  • Die Schöpfer lehnten ihn an das Doge-Mem an, einen Shiba-Inu-Hund, der in gebrochenem Englisch spricht.
  • Es gibt keine Begrenzung für die Anzahl der Münzen, die ausgegeben werden können.

Trotz seiner Ursprünge als Versuch, die Krypto-Arena auf die Schippe zu nehmen, hat der Dogecoin das Interesse der investierenden bzw. spekulierenden Öffentlichkeit geweckt. Der Dogecoin ist bei den Tradern auf Robinhood sehr beliebt, und der Gesamtwert aller existierenden Dogecoins wird mit Stand August 2021 auf etwa 41 Milliarden Dollar geschätzt.

Wie Doge selbst sagen würde: „Much wow“.

Was macht der Dogecoin?

Wie andere Kryptowährungen, z. B. Bitcoin, kann Dogecoin als Mittel zum Geldtransfer zwischen Menschen dienen, entweder als Bezahlung für Waren oder Dienstleistungen oder einfach zum Versenden von Bargeld. Die Nutzer können auch halb-anonyme Transaktionen durchführen, selbst wenn ein Datensatz auf der Blockchain öffentlich zugänglich ist. Und sie können dies tun, ohne sich an einen traditionellen Vermittler wie eine Bank zu wenden.

Dogecoin wird in einem dezentralen Computernetzwerk betrieben, das ein verteiltes Hauptbuch, die Blockchain, verwendet. Stellen Sie sich die Blockchain wie eine lange laufende Quittung für die Transaktionen in der Währung vor. Die Blockchain verifiziert Transaktionen und gewährleistet die Integrität der Daten.

Woher kommen die Dogecoins?

Wie andere Kryptowährungen wird der Dogecoin von dem dezentralen Computernetzwerk „gemint“, das die Währung betreibt. Die vernetzten Computer führen komplexe mathematische Berechnungen durch, die als Belohnung für die Bearbeitung von Transaktionen Münzen oder Bruchteile von Münzen freischalten.

Im August 2021 gab es etwa 131 Milliarden Dogecoin, obwohl buchstäblich jede Minute neue Münzen geschaffen werden. Und im Gegensatz zu Bitcoin, bei dem es eine feste Obergrenze für die Gesamtausgabe gibt, gibt es bei Dogecoin keine Obergrenze für die Anzahl der Münzen, die geprägt werden können. Allerdings ist die jährliche Ausgabe neuer Münzen auf 5 Milliarden begrenzt, und diese Ausgabe kann unbegrenzt fortgesetzt werden.

Wie kann man Dogecoin kaufen?

Sie können Dogecoin über viele verschiedene Websites kaufen, und die Wahl der richtigen Website hängt von Ihrem Vorhaben ab:

Wenn Sie Dogecoin nur zu Spekulationszwecken kaufen möchten, können Sie sich für einen Online-Broker wie Robinhood entscheiden, der den Handel mit Kryptowährungen ermöglicht. Webull und eToro ermöglichen Ihnen ebenfalls den Handel mit dem Coin, aber viele andere Broker unterstützen den Kryptohandel überhaupt nicht. Der Broker hält alle Anteile, die Sie an dem Coin haben.

Wenn Sie Dogecoin kaufen möchten, um zu spekulieren oder um ihn tatsächlich zu verwenden, können Sie sich für eine Börse wie Coinbase oder Binance entscheiden.

Wenn Sie Ihre Krypto-Bestände verwenden möchten, ist es sinnvoll, eine Krypto-Brieftasche zu haben, die einen zusätzlichen Schutz bietet, der über das hinausgeht, was normalerweise über eine Börse angeboten wird. (Hier sind einige der besten Kryptowährungs-Geldbörsen und was sie Ihnen bieten können).

Unterm Strich

Spekulanten können Dogecoin direkt auf verschiedenen Websites handeln oder in die Unternehmen investieren, die Dogecoin und andere Kryptowährungen Wirklichkeit werden lassen, ähnlich wie bei der Investition in die „Hacke und Schaufel“-Unternehmen, die als Infrastruktur für den Goldrausch dienten. Auf diese Weise könnten Händler unabhängig davon gewinnen, welche einzelne Kryptowährung gewinnt, ohne einen Gewinner auswählen zu müssen.

Wenn Sie sich für den Kauf einer Kryptowährung oder einer anderen Investition entscheiden, ist es wichtig, die Risiken und Chancen zu kennen. Da viele Kryptowährungen durch nichts gedeckt sind, laufen Händler Gefahr, einen Totalverlust zu erleiden. Daher sollten Anleger in der Krypto-Arena mit Vorsicht vorgehen und kein Geld in eine Position stecken, deren Verlust sie sich nicht leisten können.

Bitcoin-prijs breekt grote weerstand en analist ziet ‚lot‘ van $70.000

Een hogere beweging in de nacht zorgt voor een lokale piek van $54.500 en nieuwe hoop dat de steunniveaus zich nu zullen richten op $50.000.

Bitcoin (BTC) heeft ’s nachts op 9 maart de $52.000 weerstand getackeld en is binnen 6% van de historische all-time highs gekomen.

BTC prijs bereikt hoogste punt in 2 weken

Gegevens van Cointelegraph Markets en Tradingview toonden BTC/USD die dinsdag lokale pieken van $54.500 bereikte.

De laatste poging om uit zijn zijwaartse handelscorridor te breken, de beweging was op het moment van schrijven nog steeds aan het consolideren. Te midden van zware volatiliteit, richtte een retracement op de dag zich op $53.500 – nog steeds boven cruciale weerstand.

Zoals Cointelegraph meldde, zagen analisten $52.000 als een zandlijn voor het veiligstellen van de volgende fase van de Bitcoin bull run.

Hoewel het weekend een gezonde stijging opleverde, moest Bitcoin nog steeds $50.000 als sterke steun zien toen de handelsweek begon.

Op de rug van 24-uurs winsten van meer dan 8% verbeterde het beeld op dinsdag echter snel, nadat bewijs aantoonde dat $47.000 opvallend sterke steun was geworden.

„Bitcoin springt >$54k geholpen door meer tekenen van institutionele interesse in de grootste cryptocurrency,“ vatte marktcommentator en medewerker van de Duitse nieuwsdag Die Welt, Holger Zschaepitz, samen aan Twitter-volgers.

„Institutionele interesse onderscheidt de laatste bull run van de retail-gedreven stijging van 2017, zegt Goldman. Veel van de institutionele vraag is gedreven door angst voor devaluatie van activa.“

Zschaepitz verwees naar bevindingen van Goldman Sachs, dat onder meer ook onthulde dat 40% van zijn eigen klanten al exposure heeft naar cryptocurrencies.

Analist over Bitcoin van 70.000 dollar: „Het lot wacht“

Het institutionele plaatje werd maandag nog bullisher nadat een van de rijkste mensen van Noorwegen een op Bitcoin gericht spin-off bedrijf lanceerde dat BTC als enige treasury asset gebruikt.

„Bitcoin kan worden geverifieerd, verdeeld, opnieuw in elkaar gezet, opgeslagen en vervoerd tegen vrijwel geen kosten. Het is het perfecte schaarse digitale bezit. Met opzet,“ schreef Kjell Inge Røkke in een wijdverspreide brief aan de aandeelhouders.

„Het enige dat nodig is om het netwerk draaiende te houden, is het toewijzen van de goedkoopste elektriciteit ter wereld. Elektriciteit beveiligt het netwerk. Daar zijn geen betrouwbare partijen of mensen met wapens voor nodig. Ik noem dat vooruitgang.“

Elders keken de handelaars naar een bullish setup die zich ontvouwde in de dagelijkse voortschrijdend gemiddelde convergentie/ divergentie (MACD) indicator van Bitcoin, die op maandag klaar stond om het gedrag te herhalen dat eerder resulteerde in de opmars naar de recordhoogte van $58.300 in februari.

„Het lot wacht,“ voegde Cointelegraph Markets analist filbfilb toe in een update aan Telegram kanaal abonnees, waarbij hij een doelgebied van $70.000 en hoger benadrukte met behulp van Fibonacci niveaus.

Revenues of bitcoin miners reached $1 million per hour

Bitcoin miners‘ earnings after halving in May rose 185% to the current $1 million per hour, Glassnode estimated. The last time revenues were this high was in the summer of 2019, when the reward per block was 12.5 BTC.

A week earlier, the company’s specialists drew attention to the low sales activity of miners. The seven-day moving average of the Miner Outflow Multiple indicator is well below the historical highs.

Data: Glassnode.

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has dropped to 18.6 trillion T in recent days, according to The record high in September was 19.31 T.


The first cryptocurrency’s network hashtray has averaged 142.85 EH/s in the past 24 hours, according to BitInfoCharts. According to 8btc, bitcoin’s new records made mining even on older devices such as the Antminer S9 profitable. The latter were losing competitiveness after the March collapse and the third halving.

Bitcoin’s average transaction fee is $7.5. The figure reached $12.25 on December 18 amid a crowded mempool.

Data: Blockchair.

Earlier, CryptoQuant head Ki Yong-Ju noted a decrease in sales pressure from miners.

As 5 principais criptomoedas para assistir esta semana: BTC, LTC, BCH, XMR, THETA

Se o Bitcoin receber uma pequena correção ou consolidação nos próximos dias, poderá beneficiar as altcoins selecionadas.

A equação de oferta e demanda determina o preço de um ativo. Nos últimos meses, o aumento na demanda institucional por Bitcoin ( BTC ) resultou em uma forte corrida de alta.

Essa tendência de alta pode continuar até que a demanda exceda a oferta

Os dados on-chain mostram duas retiradas de mais de 12.000 Bitcoin cada da Coinbase Pro esta semana, o que é pouco abaixo dos 28.000 Bitcoin extraídos em novembro. Isso sugere que a demanda de investidores institucionais permanece intacta mesmo após a recente recuperação do Bitcoin, porque eles estão otimistas no longo prazo.

Enquanto isso, o segundo homem mais rico do México, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, disse em uma entrevista à Cointelegraph que o Bitcoin tem sido seu “melhor investimento de todos os tempos”. Salinas tem cerca de 10% de seu portfólio líquido em Bitcoin e não tem pressa em vender, pois deseja „ficar sentado por mais cinco ou dez anos“.

A forte demanda e HODLing por investidores institucionais impulsionou a capitalização de mercado do Bitcoin para mais de US $ 500 bilhões pela primeira vez. Ele também aumentou o domínio do Bitcoin no mercado para mais de 70,5%, o que sugere que a entrada de dinheiro foi em grande parte para o Bitcoin.

No entanto, em algum momento, o dinheiro novo parará de fluir para o Bitcoin e isso poderá resultar em uma correção ou consolidação. Os comerciantes podem então desviar sua atenção para selecionar altcoins, o que pode ganhar impulso.

Vejamos os gráficos das cinco principais criptomoedas que podem subir nos próximos dias

O preço do Bitcoin quebrou acima da resistência de sobrecarga de $ 24.302,50 em 25 de dezembro e retomou a tendência de alta. Este breakout tem como objetivo alvo $ 28.664,04 e o preço atingiu uma alta intradiária de $ 28.419,94 hoje.

O aumento incessante do par BTC / USD atraiu investidores que estavam esperando à margem de uma queda para entrar. Investidores institucionais, corretores de momentum e especuladores também se juntaram à parte que manteve a tendência de alta intacta.

No entanto, o ritmo atual de aumento não é sustentável. O longo pavio no candelabro de hoje sugere uma reserva de lucro em níveis mais elevados. Mesmo se a tendência de alta continuar, o par pode novamente ser vendido perto da marca de $ 30.000.

Se a tendência de alta parar, os traders de curto prazo podem correr para a saída e isso pode puxar o preço de volta para a média móvel exponencial de 20 dias ($ 22.613). Se este suporte se mantiver, o par pode novamente tentar retomar a tendência de alta.

Por outro lado, uma quebra abaixo da MME de 20 dias poderia arrastar o preço para o suporte crítico de $ 20.000. Portanto, os comerciantes podem evitar perseguir preços mais altos.

Bitcoin reward attivato per gli utenti CashApp

  • Square permette agli utenti di guadagnare Bitcoin sugli acquisti
  • Le aziende Fintech continuano ad abbracciare la crittografia

La piattaforma di servizio di pagamento quadrato CashApp ha abilitato la ricompensa Bitcoin per gli utenti della piattaforma di pagamento.

Il Bitcoin reward consente ai clienti di CashApp di ottenere Bitcoin sulle transazioni effettuate sulla piattaforma.

In precedenza, CashApp consentiva il cash-back delle transazioni in contanti solo attraverso il suo programma boost. Gli utenti venivano ricompensati con dollari USA per gli acquisti effettuati tramite la carta Cash. Tuttavia, CashApp con il programma di ricompensa Bitcoin è diventata l’ultima azienda a introdurre una funzionalità di cripto-correlata alla sua piattaforma.

Previsione dei prezzi Bitcoin: BTC per ritestare 24000 dollari, analista
La scala di grigi aggiunge 12.000 BTC, fa salire l’AUM a quasi 16 miliardi di dollari
Scaramucci deposita lo SkyBridge Capital di Scaramucci presso la SEC statunitense per un fondo Bitcoin
MicroStrategy è ora al 5° posto nella classifica di Bitcoin hodler dopo 650 milioni di dollari di investimenti

Questo è sulla scia delle aziende fintech, che hanno gradualmente aggiunto la crittografia mostrando interesse per le valute crittografiche. Diverse grandi società di pagamento e fintech sono diventate alleate delle società di crittografia.

Una di queste partnership è quella tra Visa e Coinbase. Ha fatto sì che Coinbase diventasse la prima azienda di crittografia a emettere una carta di debito criptata. Dopo Coinbase e Visa, Mastercard si è associata anche con Wirex, consentendo a Wirex di emettere carte di pagamento sulla rete di Mastercard.

CashApp Bitcoin reward, un passo avanti per il programma boost

CashApp Bitcoin reward è semplicemente un’estensione del suo programma boost e una mossa pretesa per fornire un servizio di crittografia migliorato ai suoi oltre sette milioni di utenti. È anche percepito come un altro passo avanti rispetto al concorrente PayPal, che recentemente è entrato nell’arena della crittovaluta.

La funzione Bitcoin boost è stata anche resa facile da usare per gli utenti anche se non hanno alcuna conoscenza di crittografia. Una volta che possono accedere alla loro carta Cash App Cash, possono aggiungere la spinta o anche quando la loro richiesta di carta è stata accettata.

La funzione di ricompensa Bitcoin può essere attivata dalla lista dei boost, permettendo loro di ottenere il 5% di Bitcoin su tre acquisti. Tuttavia, l’acquisto minimo richiesto per l’idoneità è di $ 1,5, mentre il guadagno massimo è di $ 7,5 bitcoin equivalenti.

Dopo aver ricevuto molti Bitcoin, gli utenti possono tenere traccia dei loro guadagni attraverso la scheda „Investire“ sulla loro schermata iniziale. La scheda ‚Attività‘ permette loro di visualizzare l’importo di bitcoin guadagnato su un particolare acquisto.


Bitcoin så noen kraftige prishandlinger i går, med okser som sendte det fra midten av $ 20.000-regionen til høyder på $ 23.700
Salgspresset her viste seg å være ganske betydelig og bremset veksten, men kryptovalutaen ser ut til å være klar til å se ytterligere opp
Et analysefirma forklarte i en nylig tweet at et massivt angrep av kortsidede likvidasjoner drev denne bevegelsen
De siste dagene har over 1 milliard dollar i korte posisjoner blitt avviklet

Dette kan være en av de eneste faktorene som bidro til å øke denne bevegelsens voldsomhet
Hvis flere bjørner prøver å falme rallyet til $ 23700 og begynne å stable korte posisjoner, kan det åpne portene for ytterligere oppside
Bitcoin og resten av kryptomarkedet har sett noen blandede prishandlinger på en kortsiktig tidsskala, med makrotrenden som hviler fast i oksens kontroll.

Tradere har bemerket at der kryptotrendene i mellomtiden i stor grad burde avhenge av dens fortsatte reaksjon på det øvre $ 23.000-regionens salgspress.

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Et brudd over dette nivået vil fortsette trenden med prisoppdagelse som Bitcoin for øyeblikket ser og potensielt åpne portene for et trekk betydelig høyere.

I går påtok Bitcoins pris enestående fart som gjorde det mulig å legge tusenvis til prisen i løpet av få timer.
Dette førte den fra midten av $ 20.000-regionen til høyder på $ 23.700, og det var der den endelig begynte å finne et seriøst salgspress som bremset oppstigningen og fikk den til å glide lavere.

Senere testet dette nivået på nytt og klarte nok en gang å bryte over det. Dette bekrefter at dette er en viktig nærtidsmotstand for å se, med et brudd over det som potensielt kan katapultere Bitcoin betydelig høyere.


Det ser ut til at Bitcoins nylige oppadgående trend har blitt styrket av masselikvideringene som er sett blant bjørner.

En analyseplattform bemerket at over en milliard dollar med korte posisjoner har blitt avviklet de siste tre dagene.

“BTC i går, et sammendrag: – Bitcoin laget et nytt ATH, $ 23 776 (Coinbase) – STORT handelsvolum: $ 80 milliarder på fremtidige markeder, $ 10 milliarder på spotmarkeder! – 800 millioner dollar ble avviklet: både langbukser og shorts – i løpet av de to foregående dagene ble 1 miljard dollar shorts avviklet, »sa han.

Fordi likvidasjon på kortsiden har styrket dette oppadgående momentum, må Bitcoin Bank bjørner fortsette å legge til disse posisjonene etter avslag på nivåer på $ 23.700, da dette vil gi okser drivstoff til å katalysere ytterligere opp.