Cardano Unveils ‚Beautiful Plan‘ for ZK-Rollups – Scalability Revolution Ahead?

• Elon Musk is developing artificial intelligence and founding a new corporation, X.AI.
• Silk Road attacker receives one year sentence for $3.4B Bitcoin theft.
• MetaMask email address leak affects 7,000 users and SEC reopens comments on proposed changes to “exchange” definition, while XCH jumps 8% as Chia Network submits proposed IPO registration to SEC.

Elon Musk Develops Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk is developing artificial intelligence and founding a new corporation, X.AI, to pursue this goal further. This news comes amidst a series of events in the crypto world, including the conviction of the Silk Road attacker for $3.4 billion Bitcoin theft; MetaMask email address leak affecting 7,000 users; and the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reopening comments on proposed changes to the “exchange” definition as well as Chia Network submitting its proposed Initial Public Offering (IPO) registration to SEC that caused an 8% jump in XCH token price.

Silk Road Attacker Sentenced

The hacker behind the 2013 hack of Silk Road was recently sentenced to serve one year in prison after pleading guilty in 2018 for stealing $3.4 billion worth of Bitcoin from the online black market platform owned by Ross Ulbricht—the former owner who was convicted of money laundering and other charges related to his ownership of Silk Road back in 2015. The hacker had initially been arrested in 2017 but avoided extradition until 2019 due to a successful appeal against his release agreement with Spain’s National Court which led him back into custody before being extradited earlier this year.

MetaMask Email Address Leak Affects 7,000 Users

MetaMask recently reported that their user email addresses have been leaked due to an exploit on their website leading to nearly 7,000 customer accounts being exposed publicly over a period of time since December 2020 till March 2021 when it was discovered and reported by security researcher Paul Moore who pointed out that these emails could be used for malicious purposes like phishing attacks or account takeovers if they were not secured soon enough as there was no way for users themselves to know whether their information had been compromised or not unless they checked MetaMask directly or read any recent reports about it coming out in news sources online or otherwise were notified by MetaMask itself regarding this issue through emails sent out informing them about it which some customers did receive directly from MetaMask after it had already become public knowledge.

SEC Reopens Comments On Proposed Changes To “Exchange” Definition

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission has recently reopened its comment period for proposed changes made last December concerning what constitutes an exchange under federal securities law following requests from industry participants asking for more time than allotted originally when considering these amendments before responding with any feedback regarding them adequately which would help inform any decisions made by regulators pertaining specifically towards digital assets such as cryptocurrencies like Ethereum tokens along with other types like Security Token Offerings (STOs).

XCH Jumps 8% As Chia Network Submits Proposed IPO Registration To SEC

In related news, the price of XCH token surged 8% after Chia Network submitted its proposed Initial Public Offering (IPO) registration with the SEC following months-long rumors that this might be happening soon given how long discussions between both parties have been taking place prior leading up towards making an official announcement about this matter officially now which could potentially open up even more opportunities within cryptocurrency markets worldwide once approved if all goes accordingly according current expectations moving forward going forward into future dates ahead either later this year or sometime next depending upon various factors involved throughout process itself eventually culminating at some point down line near-term possibly sooner rather than later most likely ultimately manifesting some kind beneficial outcome result either way regardless where applicable overall applicable context concerned here today today’s date essentially speaking generally speaking across board circumstances considered holistically en masse from macro perspective view point based off current understanding situation scenario at hand so far thus far anyways anyways…