Crypto Market Recovers This Week’s Losses: $22.6B In Flows!

• President Bukele eliminates all taxes on tech innovations
• Deloitte enters the Polkadot ecosystem to issue reusable digital credentials
• Crypto market recovers this week’s losses

President Bukele Eliminates Taxes on Tech Innovations

President Bukele has announced that all taxes on tech innovations will be eliminated in an effort to encourage innovation and development in the sector. This move is expected to benefit startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators by freeing up resources that can be used to create new products and services.

Deloitte Enters Polkadot Ecosystem

Deloitte has entered the Polkadot ecosystem with the aim of issuing reusable digital credentials. This move will help streamline processes for verifying identities, as well as provide a secure platform for sharing data across multiple organizations.

Crypto Market Recovers Losses

The cryptocurrency market cap saw net inflows of $22.6 billion over the last 24 hours and currently stands at $1.20 trillion — up 1.9% from $1.18 trillion. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum’s (ETH) market cap grew 2.2% and 2.4% to $566.16 billion and $230.14 billion, respectively while Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), and Binance USD (BUSD) grew their market caps to $82.01 billion, $30.18 billion, and $599 billion respectively during this period of recovery in crypto markets overall..

ChatGPT-created Turbo Memecoin Crosses $50M Marketcap

ChatGPT created a new memecoin called Turbo which has now crossed the important milestone of a 50 million dollar marketcap after just two weeks since its launch date on April 22nd 2021.. This is yet another example of how meme coins are taking off in terms of value appreciation as more people become aware of them through social media platforms such as Reddit or Twitter.. The coin’s success could be attributed to its unique design elements, low circulating supply and smart contract capabilities that make it an attractive investment option for those looking for quick gains..

Bloomberg & Others Ask Court To Release FTX Customer Details

Bloomberg along with other financial organizations have asked the court to release customer details related to trading activities conducted by FTX customers over a specific period of time due to suspicion that some traders may have been conducting insider trading based on non-public information.. The court has asked SEC officials to respond within 10 days regarding their stance on this matter which could potentially lead to further investigations into possible manipulation within the crypto markets..