McAfee’s Phantom Kryptonie will have „invisible“ phone service


Personal security is one of the major issues of concern to society. In this sense, the two times presidential candidate John McAfee, announced that his project of phantom crypto-currency, is complemented with a totally secret 4G telephone service.

The project entered the testing phase in early July. However, it will be officially launched in September. The service, known as „Ghost Cell Phone Data Service“, will be available to fifty countries.

Similarly, the 4G phone project will not require a SIM card, making it totally undetectable. To this end, the service relies on the use of eSIM technology to supply the first.

What is the eSIM technology behind the Ghost Cell Data Phone?

To get an idea of what eSIM technology will be used by the McAfee Ghost Phone and Crypto-currency project, simply compare it to traditional SIMs. Basically, an eSIM is, as the name implies, an electronic SIM. This means, of course, that it is not physical.

It differs from the traditional SIM in that eSIMs are tiny chips used to authenticate the user’s identity. In other words, the SIM, or Subscriber Identity Module, is intended to provide the manufacturer with all of your personal information. This information will be available to the manufacturer or a third party, such as the State.

Needless to say, this is exploited by totalitarian governments to violate personal security. That’s when eSIM technology becomes important, used in the multimillionaire’s phone service and crypto-currency.

To acquire an eSIM, it is not necessary to go to a traditional telephone service. You can simply buy them from Android or IOS stores. Once you pay, the service provider sends the eSIM code to the user.

McAfee’s CryptoCurrency could drive the use of eSIM technology globally to promote security and privacy.
Phone system, Exchange, and Crypto-currency are part of the ecosystem created by John McAfee.

McAfee claims that „Bitcoin is worthless“

Phantom phone and crypto-currency service will be invisible
According to McAfee’s website, their phantom phone service would be undetectable and invisible. This is because all traffic passes through multiple servers so it is untraceable.

Similarly, the application offers a Etoro service to further enhance security. This is to ensure that all information transmitted from one phone to another is encrypted.

Together, the phone service and McAfee’s phantom crypto currency are part of a diverse ecosystem. This also includes the Exchange Ghostx for the private exchange of crypto-currencies.

According to McAfee itself, its ecosystem „encompasses a range of practical tools for individuals to protect their rights and regain their privacy. It should be noted that the Exchange was launched on June 21, following the launch of the Ghost crypto currency.

As for the Ghost crypto currency or John McAfee’s ghost, it is a token that works through the Proof-of-Stake. This means that it is not mined like Bitcoin, but obtained through betting, as planned with Ethereum 2.0.