Options Put/Call Ratio Suggests Cautious Optimism Among Bitcoin Traders

• The Hong Kong Securities Regulator warns unlicensed virtual asset trading platforms may face steep fines, imprisonment.
• Tim Cook says AI and machine learning are part of ‘virtually every product’ Apple is building.
• Options Put/Call Ratio suggests cautious optimism among traders with insights from Glassnode.

Hong Kong Securities Regulator Warns Unlicensed Trading Platforms

The Hong Kong Securities Regulator has warned that unlicensed virtual asset trading platforms may face steep fines, imprisonment, or other penalties if they violate the securities laws of the city-state. The regulator said that any platform operating without a license is in violation of the law and urged investors to be careful when dealing with such entities.

AI and Machine Learning Are Part of ‚Virtually Every Product‘ Apple Is Building

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are integral parts of „virtually every product“ that Apple is building. He also highlighted how AI can help create better user experiences and noted that it will become even more important in the future as more devices become connected to each other and require smarter algorithms to make sense of the data they generate.

Options Put/Call Ratio Suggests Cautious Optimism Among Traders

The open put/call ratio measures market sentiment in the Bitcoin options market, with a low ratio potentially indicating increased confidence in a Bitcoin price surge. However, there’s more to this story; an accompanying recovery in the volume put/call ratio might suggest a careful balance between optimism and caution among traders. This could have potential implications for the Bitcoin market going forward.

Curve Attacker Begins To Return Stolen Funds After Bounty Issued

In response to recent attacks on Curve Finance, a cryptocurrency lending platform, an attacker has begun returning some stolen funds after a bounty was issued by Curve for their return. The bounty was issued for 10% of any funds recovered from the attack on Curve’s liquidity pool which resulted in millions of dollars being stolen by malicious actors earlier this week.

New York Attorney General Probing Digital Currency Group In Relation To Genesis Global Capital : Report

The New York Attorney General’s office is reportedly investigating Digital Currency Group (DCG), one of the world’s largest crypto investment firms, regarding its relationship with Genesis Global Capital (GGC). DCG claims it owns GGC but according to reports from Bloomberg Law sources close to DCG say otherwise; DCG merely manages GGC through its subsidiary Grayscale Investments LLC without any formal ownership stake or control over GGC operations or assets held by clients at GGC.